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PU & Nylon Hydraulic forklift Wheel

Short Description:

PU&Nylon Wheel,use for hand hydraulic forklift.

Product Detail

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1.Nylon Wheel,the surface is relatively hard,impact resistance and corrosion resistance, labor saving,suitable for uneven,cement and other pavement.

2.Silent PU wheel, Inside is thickened iron core, heavy load, wear resistance, no indentation, quiet, shock absorption characteristics, suitable for leveling, painting, epoxy resin ground use.


1.High precision bearing

Bearing is the heart of the wheel,our wheels are installed with high speed double sealed bearing,resist pressure,fatigue resistance,longer service life.

2. Nylon wheel support design

Reinforced support bars, wheel wear resistance, impact resistance, heavy load capacity, support integration design more durable

3. PU thickened core wheel

Selected high-quality material casting, silent, wear-resistant, heavy load capacity.

4. The PU wheel is made of high quality PU material, wear-resistant, no degumming, no damage to the ground.

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