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  • The forklift door frame introduction

    The forklift door frame introduction

    According to the requirements of lifting height of forklift, forklift door frame can be made into two or multiple stages, and common ordinary forklift adopts two stage door frame. The common ones are three full free mast, two full free mast and two standard mast. The full free mast is usually cal...
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  • There are many matters needing attention in the safe operation of electric stackers.

    There are many matters needing attention in the safe operation of electric stackers.

     1. The operator of electric stacker is not allowed to drive drunk, overweight, super high or speeding, and is not allowed to brake or turn sharply. It is forbidden to enter the places where solvents and combustible gases are stored 2. The safety device of the electric stacker must be complete an...
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  • Hand Pallet Truck introduction

    Hand Pallet Truck introduction

    Hand Pallet truck is the logistics handling equipment that needs to handle goods manually. Manual carrier, small volume hydraulic device, simple operation, easy to use. The handle design conforms to the principle of ergonomics and has three functions: lifting, handling and lowering. Overall casti...
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  • Electric Counterbalance Reach Stacker

    Electric Counterbalance Reach Stacker

     Introduction The loading capacity of KYLINGE electric counterbalanced reach stacker is from 1 ton to 2 tons, and the lifting height is from 1.6 meters to 5 meters.Electric reach stacker has two forward and higher leg, can guarantee the stability when load goods, compare...
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  • Advantages of electric straddle pallet stacker

    Advantages of electric straddle pallet stacker

    1.The electric straddle pallet stacker can increase the stability of the body, in technical terms is to increase the wheelbase of the front and rear wheels, so that the vehicle is more safe and stable when moving forward and backward.2.The straddle pallet stacker can eff...
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  • Procedure of forklift operation

    Procedure of forklift operation

    1. Start to maintain the proper speed, should not be too fierce.2. Pay attention to observe the voltage of the voltmeter. If the voltage is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately.3. In the process of walking, is not allowed to...
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  • How to use electric pallet stacker in rainy weather?

    How to use electric pallet stacker in rainy weather?

    Here to remind you of the electric stacker materialhandling equipment users, must pay attention to the use and maintenance of electric stacker, especially in this rainy season, in order to better use electric stacker, please pay attention to the following matters:1. The ...
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  • Battery replacement operation of electric forklift

    Battery replacement operation of electric forklift

    1) Remove the battery fastening screws.2) Remove the cable from the battery terminal.3) Slide out or lift out the battery.4) Install the battery according to the reverse process indicated above, tighten and connect correctly. (Replacement battery must be the same model) ...
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  • Material handling equipments pallets introduction

    Material handling equipments pallets introduction

    Pallets are usually pallet trucks (forklifts), stackers or hydraulic pallet trucks. It can greatly improve logistics efficiency and reduce cargo damage. It plays an immeasurable role in logistics.Trays serve two main purposes.(1) The use of pallets to realize the standardization, standardization ...
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  • What is counterbalanced forklift truck?

    What is counterbalanced forklift truck?

    Counterbalance forklifts are the most widely used forklifts. The fork is located outside the center line of the front wheel. In order to overcome the overturning moment generated by the cargo, a counterweight is installed at the rear of the forklift. This kind of forklift is suitable for open fie...
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  • Classification of counterbalanced forklift trucks

    Classification of counterbalanced forklift trucks

    There are two types of counterbalanced forklifts: internal combustion type and battery type. The power of the internal combustion engine forklift can be divided into three types: diesel, gasoline, and LPG forklift; according to the transmission mode, it can be divided into mechanical transmission...
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  • Forklift attachments classification Ⅱ

    Forklift attachments classification Ⅱ

    7. Cigarette holder The utility model is used for the tobacco box in the tobacco industry, and is particularly suitable for the palletless handling of the re cured tobacco leaf box. One, two or more leaf boxes shall be handled at a time. Installation level: ISO2/3 Installation type: hanging type ...
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