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Control Handle

Short Description:

Widely used in various electric vehicles, there are many control switches to control the vehicle lift, forward and backward. Easy to operate. easy to start the button to complete the relevant operations.Anti-wear plastic shell.Ergonomic casting handle.Floating central button switch ensures the safety of equipment.All kinds of traction switches come from well-known manufacturers of controllers.

Product Detail

Product Tags

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Switch Mode Button/Tilting
Operating Temperature -40~85℃
Max.Power 48V/1A
Min Power 12V/10mA
Analog Switch Max.Power 48V/4mA
Horn Switch               Arc brush current<0.1mA
Optimum scope of use 10mA/5V-1.5A/24V
Turtle Speed Micro-switch on
Optimum scope of use 5mA/3V-50mA/24V
Function DC/AC


1. Abrasion Resistant Plastic Shell

2. Ergonomic casting handle

3. Floating central button switch to ensure equipment safety

4. Good quality spare parts

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