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What are the main forklift parameters?

Main performance parameters of forklift include rated lifting weight, distance between load center, maximum lifting height, free lifting height, mast tilt angle, maximum lifting speed, maximum driving speed, maximum climbing slope, minimum turning radius, engine (motor, battery) performance , etc.

The main dimensions include: overall dimensions (length, width, height), wheelbase, front and rear wheelbase, minimum ground clearance, etc. The main weight parameters are: self-weight, front & rear axle load when empty load, full load front & rear axle load when full load etc.

1.Rated lifting weight: specifies the maximum mass of the lift truck.

2.Load center distance: distance from the center of gravity of the rated load to the front surface of the vertical section of the fork. It is represented by “mm”. According to different rating weight in our country, the corresponding distance between the center of load is specified, and this is used as the base value.

3.Maximum lifting height at rated lifting weight: the vertical distance from the ground to the upper plane of the fork when the fork is raised to the highest position at rated lifting weight and the gantry is vertical.

4.Free lifting height: The maximum vertical distance from the upper plane of the cargo fork to the ground under the condition of lifting without load, vertical gantry and constant gantry height.

5. Mast forward tilt angle, mast backward tilt angle: the maximum forward or backward tilt angle of the door frame relative to the vertical position under no load condition.

6.Maximum lifting speed at full load and no load: maximum lifting speed at rated lifting weight or no load.

7.Full load, no – load maximum speed: The maximum speed at which a vehicle can travel on a hard road under rated load or no-load conditions.

8.Maximum climbing slope: The maximum slope that a vehicle can climb when running at a specified speed without load or rated lifting weight.

9.Minimum turning radius: the maximum distance from the outside of the vehicle body to the turning center when the vehicle is moving forward or backward at low speed, turning left or right, and the steering wheel is in the maximum corner under no-load condition.

10.Vehicle length: the horizontal distance between the tip of the finger fork and the end of the vehicle body for balancing heavy forklift trucks. 


Post time: Oct-09-2022